Raise a toast to our first Single Malt!

With the release of our new flagship Doocot, it is time to retire Dream to Dram. As our first release back in 2018, Dream to Dram has, and will always have, a special place in our story; the first chapter comes to a close and we are so excited to continue our journey and take you along with us.

While we continue onto the next page at Kingsbarns, we are dedicated to staying true to our Lowland spirit, independent nature and community led way of life. Dream to Dram epitomised this and it's masterful illustration of the Lowland region has elegantly provided the foundation for Kingsbarns and malts to come; Doocot does not deviate from this but instead evolves the taste and texture into something new: a creamier, butter pastry-like evolution.

After all, at it's base Doocot has been made using the same spirit and wood mixture as Dream to Dram but, like a fine wine or cheese, it has matured into a more rounded and complex expression.

We aren't ones to rest on our laurels here at Kingsbarns and so we will move forward - learning, adapting and striving for harmonic whisky tones wherever we turn. Dream to Dram was the start, and Doocot is far from the finish.

So join us as we toast a dram to Dream to Dram...

June 16, 2023 — Douglas Cook

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