Now that our Brand Manager has time to settle in and get his feet firmly under the desk, we thought it was about time we gave him a proper intro!

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

My love for whisky began when I turned 18 years old and I had asked my parents to book me on a WSET level 2 in Wines and Spirits course at the Tennent’s Academy in Glasgow. After I had passed the course, I knew I had found my true passion in spirits. So, I set my sights on finding work in the drinks industry, even basing my university dissertation on “Whisky Consumerism”. I got my first taste of the industry working for a marketing agency in Edinburgh that specialised in experiential marketing for alcoholic drinks brands and later managing the marketing campaigns team for a well-known online spirits retailer. I had admired the Kingsbarns brand from afar, appreciating their dedication to the craft and the way their quality spirit characteristics shine throughout their various cask expressions. Being given the opportunity to join the Kingsbarns team at a very exciting time of their growth was an absolute no-brainer for me. I very much look forward to championing the brand and introducing new customers and markets to our delicious whisky.

Q: In a nutshell, what makes Kingsbarns so special?

For me, what makes Kingsbarns special is the way in which everything from our raw materials to our equipment and processes are chosen/used in order to create a whisky that showcases a perfect balance of our lowland spirit character and our chosen wood character. I think our dedication to creating this elegantly balanced whisky is unrivalled. A true Lowland whisky.


Q: What is the most important thing you learned?

 I’ve learned that the best thing about working in whisky is the community that surrounds it, never before have I come across a community so willing to welcome, mentor, share resource with and support one another. It’s a small world the whisky industry and it pays dividends to support those who have supported you.


Q: What drink would you take with you to a desert island?

 Whisky, easy answer. The specific whisky I would take with me would be Kingsbarns Doocot as its light, fruity and elegantly balanced, perfect as an everyday sipper.


Q: What's the best advice you've ever received?

Personally, the best advice I had ever received was from my parents who emphasised the importance of doing something I love for work. As soon as I had a taste of what it was like to work within an industry that I had a genuine passion for, it made my work life far more fulfilling and enjoyable. You cannot underestimate the importance of doing something you love.


Q: What would your life be like if you weren't working in whisky?

 I’d likely still be working in marketing and branding but for products or industries that I just don’t share the same passion for. Previously, I had thought of exploring a career in menswear, specifically bespoke tailoring. So, perhaps in another life I would find myself more sharply dressed and working for a Saville Row tailor as a brand manager.


Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is the sound of the very first cork pop of a new whisky and the neck pour of your freshly opened bottle, there is no sweeter sound.

August 15, 2023 — Hannah Peebles

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