Wemyss Malts The Hive


The Hive is a small batch, hand-crafted Scotch whisky that captures the sweetness of Speyside in a smooth, honey-like expression.

The Profile

On the nose, a bouquet of florals and sticky blossom honey. On the palate, zesty orange and ginger tingle on the tongue. The finish is warm and zesty, with clove spiked grapefruit.

Signature Serves

Enjoy The Hive neat, on the rocks, served long and refreshing in a Hive-Ball with cloudy lemonade and zingy lemon wheel garnish, or try a riff on a classic Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour.


Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

46% ABV/ 70cl/ Non-chill filter

Customer Reviews

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Summer in a bottle ☀️🐝

Since visiting the distillery for the first time back in 2018, the Hive has been a firm favourite. Eye catching, it's an easy to be drawn to it while browsing a shelve, and the promised quality delivers once opened. A brilliant balance between heathery honey and candied orange peel, you'll be able to enjoy just as much neat as in a cocktail!