Kingsbarns Distillery is located in the East Neuk of Fife, just a stone's throw south of the small village from which it takes its name. The village itself is a very well preserved, classical example of old Scottish heritage. It grew as an agricultural settlement and hasn't drifted from this foundation since. Indeed, the distillery is on the site of East Newhall Farm which was once a operational farm for Cambo Estate. The name derives from the barns in the village that used to hold the grain that was then transported to the Royal Castle at Crail and the Palace at Falkland, hence KINGSbarns.

It has, at its core, the village church originally built in 1630 which acts as one side of Kingsbarns' unusually large square. The main coast road that takes you 6 miles north to St Andrews and 3 miles south to Crail makes up another side. The western edge is the Station Road which, between 1887 and 1965, took residents and visitors to the now defunct railway station that used to link to a line connecting St Andrews and Crail. And to the north lies the Inn at Kingsbarns, a pub opened in 2004 on the site of the old Cambo Arms Hotel which acts as a breathing hub of the community. Kingsbarns also plays host to the oldest active school in Fife that was built in 1822.

As the village is only half a mile from the sea, the community has long relied on the waters of Fife for additional food and a link to the outside world. In 1810 a pier was built by the Earl of Kellie to protect vessels transporting grain and potatoes as far as London, and to receive coal. The pier was upgraded to a harbour in the 1860s but within a century had quickly deteriorated. The harbour walls are still visible from the beach.

Kingsbarns has had a strong link to golf, played on Cambo Estate to the south, since 1793 and a golfing society was formed in 1815. The rich history of golf in the region has since flourished, with the world famous St Andrews course towering above all. The Kingsbarns Golf Links was opened in 2000 and has gained wide renown as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world.

This area of Fife, and indeed Scotland, is rich in history and tradition and we are pleased here at the distillery to be continuing in this strand. From our Kingsbarns spirit harnessing the original Lowland style, to our focus on using local produce, we intend to add to this history and become a living, breathing part of the community and wider region.

May 03, 2023 — Douglas Cook


William J G McCartney said:

What a well composed great story of the area for all to appreciate the history and the links to our Scottish Heritage . Being a Fifer my self born in Ceres with its own 709 year Highland games and the connections to the royal ties to Fife we will be visiting this part of Fife this June to enjoy the ambience of the East Nuek of Fife

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