With the summer months fast approaching, our colony of bees have been able to get out and explore their new home in this warmer weather. Our friendly pollinators have been getting familiar with the bright and colourful surroundings of our little corner of Fife. The Lowland climate is currently allowing all of the bees to get out and explore, for which they need high ambient temperatures.

In addition, the wonderful botanicals that are growing in our new and improved Darnley's Gin Garden are being treated to onsite pollination and upkeep! These images show Mandy (@mandythebeekeeper) and her fellow bee keeper friend, Alistair, hard at work.


This a picture of one of the frames covered in bees and sealed brood. The majority of these will hatch into female worker bees, with the raised portions hatching into drones - males bees.

bee hive

Mandy and Alastair have been tending to the bees in the last few weeks, making sure they have all they need and enough room to grow in the hive.

"There are lots of bees in the hive as you can see, and they seem quite settled and organised. To give them a bit more room, I have put on another super (a box of empty frames) in which I hope they will gather honey. They have begun making honey already, but not ready to harvest for a while."

~ Mandy, Beekeeper Supreme

Honey will become a staple at our Visitor Centre shop when Mandy is able to start extracting. This will be in small quantities as we are keen to work hand in hand with our newest residents here at Kingsbarns.

There will be more updates to come so stay tuned!

June 13, 2023 — Douglas Cook

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