This January, we are pleased to announce the return of our ‘Pay-What-You-Like’ tour!
Introduced as a pilot back in December 2022 and limited to Sundays, the visitor initiative is now back and enhanced with two daily tours – whisky and gin - running seven days a week from Monday to Sunday until the end of February 2024. 
During their visit, guests are guided through our distillery’s exhibition space, delving into the history and heritage of the Kingsbarns brand, learning insights into the production process of whisky and the art of gin distillation. The tours culminate with a sampling of Kingsbarns’ renowned malts or Darnley's Gin, depending on which tour you choose. Visitors are open to pay nothing or contribute to the experience as they see fit.  
Commenting on the initiative, Andrea Morris, Visitor Engagement Manager, said: “When we first launched Pay-What-You-Like, it was available on a Sunday only and was limited to a whisky tour. This has been an exceptionally challenging year financially for many people and with the continuing cost-of-living pressures, we decided to expand the initiative to include a Darnley’s Gin tour in addition to our whisky tour to ensure that our award-winning tours are accessible to all, whether they’re spirits enthusiasts, or locals and visitors looking to learn more about the distilling process and enjoy our visitor centre experience during the quieter winter months post-festive season.”
Each tour, which typically costs £14pp and lasts for an hour, serves as the perfect introduction to Kingsbarns’ whisky portfolio or Darnley’s Gin. So far, we've filled up lots of our PWYL lots with fantastic feedback from visitors and a good time had all-round.

Book a Kingsbarns tour here.

Book a Darnley's tour here.


January 12, 2024 — Leigh Purves

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