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We love to have new whisky enthusiasts discovering what's happening at Kingsbarns Distillery.

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From Dream to Dram

Take a local golf caddie and dram lover, a man with a dream, and add a characterful cluster of old farm buildings set amid sunlit barley fields ruffled gently by sea breezes. Introduce a prominent Fife family with impeccable whisky credentials, then sprinkle generously with determination and the spirit of adventure…

Our story
"The Doocot now holds the first cask filled at Kingsbarns"

The Distillery

We have built Kingsbarns Distillery in this land once prized by kings of Scotland for its barley. The gleaming new copper stills are fired up and our first precious ‘new make’ spirit is slowly maturing in fine American oak casks. Fortunately, here in the ancient Kingdom of Fife, we tend to take a long view, and we expect that the spirit of kings will be well worth the wait.

The Distillery
"Discover the aromatic world of scotch whisky"

The Kingdom of Fife

Long before Scotland became the nation we know today, there was a kingdom here – a realm ruled over by a noble line of tribal kings. Today Fife is still a kingdom in spirit – distinctive, independent-minded and proud of its royal heritage.

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"Today fife is still a kingdom in spirit"

Latest News

Join founder Doug Clement at our first after hours event to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns. Doug will share his own ‘dream to dram’ story with you before guiding you around our exhibition, doocot, distillery and tasting rooms. On the way, he and the other tour guides will tell some specially selected Burns stories and recite some of his most loved poems.

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"Freedom an' whisky gang thegither! "
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