The season of romance is upon us!  

Valentine’s Day for me is a day to be with the ones you love. It's a day to show appreciation and love, whether that’s to your partner, best friends, dog, cat, whomever. It’s about sharing those special moments together and showing your appreciation for a loved one(s) in your life. Full disclosure, I’m fully aware that it’s pretty much a made-up holiday that’s now blown way out of proportion, but I still think it’s quite nice to make an extra effort on that day. After all, showing how much you love someone is always a lovely thing to do, don’t you think? 

I’m a massive foodie, so every occasion for me always revolves around food and drink. For Valentine’s Day, I like to make the extra effort of cooking my husband and I’s favourite food (albeit not very traditional) pizza and pasta because that’s what fills us with tremendous joy. Whilst we enjoy dessert, we pair that with a nice, neat dram of Balcomie. This fruity, sherry sweet whisky makes the perfect accompaniment to Valentine's plans and pairs well so well with many different foods.  

If you’re looking to make that special dessert for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, then try this Guinness & Chocolate Cake which I know will impress! The two complement each other as the whisky is matured in 100% ex-Oloroso American Oak Sherry Butts meaning there are flavours of treacle, dark chocolate, summer berries and roasted hazelnuts which goes perfectly with the malty richness of the cake.  

The best chocolate bar to pair this delicious dram with is Green & Black’s Velvet Edition; Dark Chocolate with Raspberry & Hazelnut. The velvety feel of this hazelnut-infused chocolate, alongside the bursts of raspberry bring out the soft, red berry notes and hazelnut finish of Balcomie. 

If you’re not a chocolate fan, and would prefer to opt for a cheeseboard for dessert, try it with IJ Mellis Auld Reekie cheese. Auld Reekie has been smoked over whisky barrels which gives it a lovely creamy and smoky taste, working in perfect harmony with the smoothness of the whisky. It’s a truly delicious pairing! 

Treat this Valentine’s Day with a bit of love.  




February 09, 2022 — Kristen McGhie

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