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Kingdom of Fife

Fife is blessed with fine, well-drained soils for growing spring barley, and in summer the countryside turns from shimmering green to sun-bleached gold. 

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The region also enjoys a relatively mild, dry climate with plentiful sunshine and long hours of daylight in the run-up to the harvest. Below ground, pure mineral-rich water flows through aquifers, replenishing the farmers’ wells.

Countless generations of farmers have transformed the once wild and wooded landscape of Fife’s coastal plain into a tapestry of cultivated fields and pastures. The East Neuk (corner) of Fife not only provides rich farmland and the links turf for a golfer’s paradise, its rugged coast of rocky outcrops gives way to sandy bays and rolling dunes that are a haven for nature and those who seek its unspoiled beauty.