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Wemyss Blended Malts

Our range of hand crafted blended malts were created with the aim of making whisky more accessible and understandable. We use the natural taste and aroma to name them which gives people an idea of what direction the flavour profile of the liquid will take them.

Up to ten single malt whiskies are expertly blended together before introducing the “signature” malts to create three distinct taste profiles: 'Spicy', 'Peaty' and 'Honeyed'.

The Hive is representative of Speyside with sweet honey vanilla notes and citrus bursting through to reveal a rounded spice.

Spice King is representative of the Highlands & Islands with a salty maritime note, exotic spices, pepper, red berries and a sandalwood dryness at the finish.

Peat Chimney conjures the smouldering smokiness of Islay. Reminiscent of standing on a sea shore the smokiness gives way to a malty sweetness.

Wemyss Malts have released a limited edition blended malt called Nectar Grove. This handcrafted malt whisky is bottle non chill-filtered and naturally coloured at a luscious 46% alcohol by volume. The whisky is a blend of single malt whiskies finished in ex-madeira casks to impart a succulent and sweet fruit character. This and all our blended malt range are available in our online shop