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Wemyss Family

The Wemyss family is delighted to have opened their single malt whisky distillery in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife, close to their ancestral home.

Wemyss (pronounced “Weems”) is the ancient Gaelic word for caves and stems from the rocky outcrop on the Firth of Forth on which their family home, Wemyss Castle, sits. Looking back towards Edinburgh, the castle has been the family seat for over six centuries.

As one of the old families of Scotland they have a rich history which has included the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Jacobite uprising, coal mining and of course, whisky.

The family’s links to the whisky industry date back to 1824 when John Haig built his distillery on family land in Fife. Even today barley from the Wemyss Estates is prized by many of the leading distillers, and Haig’s Distillery which eventually became known as Cameron Bridge, is located only a few miles from Wemyss Castle.

Having the Wemyss family produce the Kingsbarns Single Malt Whisky is the ideal fit as not only are they connected with the land and the community around the distillery, but they already have an established reputation in the whisky business as independent bottlers of single cask and blended malt whiskies.