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The future for Kingsbarns Distillery

We started distiling in January 2015 however Scotch Whisky Association rules state we have to wait at least 3 years and a day before we can legally bottle our first Scotch whisky. 

New Make on shelfOver that time, we will check its progress by taking regular samples from our casks to determine when we think it will be ready to bottle. 

If you visit the distillery, as part of your tour you will have the opportunity to sample our work in progress "new make spirit" while we wait for our spirit to mature into our light, fruity single malt.

Peter, our Distillery Manager, is so delighted with the quality of the spirit being produced that it was decided to bottle some of the new make spirit for all to try. The New Spirit Drink is bottled at 63.5%, the same strength at which the casks are filled and is available in the visitor centre shop.