Tell us bit about yourself


Hi! I’m Kate. I am originally from Ardnamurchan in the West Highlands but have recently moved to Fife following four years at university in Edinburgh. My main interests range across music, Scottish Gaelic and sport. I tend to spend most weekends driving around the country to play shinty for my home team - Ardnamurchan Camanachd.


Where did it all start for you in your career and what’s brought you to Wemyss Family Spirits?


In June of this year, I graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a BSc in Brewing and Distilling. I absolutely loved my time at uni and the course really strengthened my passion for spirits, especially Scotch Whisky.  Following on from this, I was keen to get some more hands-on experience and so I was delighted when the opportunity arose to join the production team at Kingsbarns Distillery.


We all love a good (responsible) drink in this company, what’s your go-to drink choice?


Right now (during the last of the warm-ish weather), I am going between gin & tonic or a dry rosé - I am also extremely partial to an espresso martini. When it comes to whisky, I love trying new things and expanding my palate, but I usually lean towards something light and fruity.


Out of all the kingsbarns single malt’s you’ve tried so far, which is your favourite?


I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far but, right now, I am especially liking the light and easy-drinking nature of the Dream to Dram. I can’t wait to keep trying new bottlings as and when they are released.


What are you most excited about now that you work at Wemyss Family Spirits?


Throughout my first couple of weeks, it has been fantastic to meet and start to get to know the team and so I am really looking forward to continuing this.  As well as this, I am really excited to be working in production as knowing that your hard work will, in a few years, become a bottle of Kingsbarns single malt is extremely rewarding. 

October 03, 2022 — Kristen McGhie

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