Kingsbarns Family Reserve is our new whisky series which will see a new annual limited release high strength bottling. This series was inspired by the fact that Isabella Wemyss selects each and every cask that we mature our spirit in, and this range releases honours the development plan that she has produced for the company for many, many years to come. 

Isabella has been very careful to ensure that whatever casks she selects for filling, that it's the right fit to our fruity, floral Kingsbarns character and you can see the delicate balance between the spirit and the wood in this release. 

2020 is the first of our annual high strength bottlings of our lowland single malt Scotch Whisky. Using the same recipe as our flagship Dream to Dram release, we have bottled at a higher strength and matured whisky for several months in marrying casks to intensify the flavours and aromas.


The Dram

The East Neuk enjoys high levels of sunshine, good soil and not too much rain, which creates the perfect growing conditions for barley. Every drop of Dream to Dram is made from barley harvested in these sun-soaked fields. The addition of pure, rich mineral water drawn from an aquifer 100 metres below the Distillery adds to the local character and light, fruity flavour profile of the whisky.

A long, slow production process in copper pot stills is at the heart of distillation: a 3 – 5 day fermentation period, wash stills that run for 8 hours and a slow running spirit still with high cut points. That will never change and the stills will never run any faster.

Maturation is primarily in high calibre first fill bourbon casks (90%), sourced exclusively from Heaven Hill in Kentucky by Isabella Wemyss, with the remainder maturing in shaved, toasted and re-charred wine casks. All Kingsbarns casks are matured in warehouses not far from the distillery in Fife.


The Taste

The natural elements on Kingsbarns Distillery’s doorstep, combined with superior wood choice and long, slow fermentation give Dream to Dram its remarkably complex and distinctive Lowland character: light, intensely fruity, floral and balanced, with colour and richness coming from the wood.



A strong floral note of jasmine and honeysuckle. Honeyed mango, vanilla saffron custard, banana, wine gums and strawberry fondant. 


Sugary shortbread, exotic fruits such as mango and papaya. Coconut chips changes to a more astringent and complex oak spice. 


Intense yet fruity, oaky spice. 







July 14, 2020 — Hannah Peebles

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