Happy Easter from everyone at Kingsbarns!

Sarah (our Social Media and Content Assistant) was inspired to try a whisky and chocolate pairing this weekend, with the Edinburgh-based company Coco Chocolatiers. We love the way they are shaking up the industry; supporting economies, creating jobs and using their brand as a canvas for artists and artisans alike.















Sarah had great fun pairing our signature malt, Dream to Dram, with Coco’s Haggis Spice dark chocolate bar and Cockatoo Praline eggs.

Flavours of nutmeg, cloves and pepper from the dark chocolate paired wonderfully with Dream to Dram’s spicy ginger finish, whilst the creaminess of the praline eggs complimented the whisky’s softer toffee and custard notes perfectly.

Have you ever tried a whisky and chocolate pairing? Leave a comment and tell us!

April 01, 2021 — Hannah Peebles


Trevor said:

It is rare for me to drink whisky without chocolate these days. They are a perfect match.

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