Meet the Team: Romain Agostini, Sales Manager for France

To conclude our Meet the Team series, introducing Romain Agostini, our Sales Manager for France.

"To understand my career path, you have to understand what drives me: cultural connection. I started my journey working in Japan from the age of 23 to 28 as a sales engineer, where I really discovered premium spirits. I felt so passionately about it that I came back to France to work for La Maison du Whisky for 5 years, helping them to develop on and off trade distribution partnerships.

To me, spirits are more than just drinks; it’s a cultural experience. The Japanese enjoy highballs, Americans drink their bourbon on the rocks, the Spanish have bars dedicated to Gin & Tonic… every country brings its own way of enjoying spirits. So as I developed my expertise in partnership building, I liked to see myself as a link between cultures. This is what I love about Wemyss Family Spirits; it’s more than just a brand, it’s a culture that carries value of family, local terroir, and empowers women’s work in the industry. The company is run equally by a brother and a sister and we have a lot of wonderful women in the team.

Working for a small independent family-owned business is really exciting and challenging. You have to turn your entrepreneur mindset on and it really makes you feel like being a part of something, which is thrilling."

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