Meet the Team: Gareth Reid, Distiller

Next up in our Meet the Team series, introducing Gareth Reid, our Distiller at Kingsbarns.

"I spent the first fifteen years of my career as an electrical engineer. I started home brewing as a hobby, won a couple of competitions and got hooked! I returned to university in 2012/13 to study for my MSc in Brewing and Distilling. After getting my degree, I worked for three years in brewing before joining the Kingsbarns team in 2016 as a Distiller.

I love my role because I think that making whisky is like a time capsule; people will be enjoying it long after I’m gone! My favourite whisky is Dream to Dram – it sets the standard for all that we create at Kingsbarns. It’s a light and fruity whisky that doesn’t rely on heavy cask characters, so there’s no hiding place for flaws. Because of its fantastic taste, you know that we distillers are doing a good job!"

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