Meet Archie Mills - Kingsbarns Distillery Brand Manager

It's been an incredibly busy few years for Kingsbarns Distillery, we're so glad to have you along on the journey with us! You might have spotted a few months ago that we were looking for a new brand manager to join our growing team. We're very excited to introduce to you Archie Mills, who will be leading Kingsbarns as we look to the next chapter.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Archie, lovely to ‘meet’ you all. Food & drink, going to gigs, and travel are my main passions but I do enjoy a wee round of golf, game of tennis, spot of fishing, and I can be found up a Munro on the odd occasion.


Where did it all start for you in your career and what's brought you to Wemyss Family Spirits? 

I started my career in the advertising industry before travelling and finding myself in Australia where I had a varied career ranging from commercial banking to working on vineyards. What has stayed consistent though is always having that touchpoint with the drinks and hospitality sector. After 7 years down under I was lucky enough to return to the UK and secure a marketing role at an international brewer. This is where I honed my marketing skills and really found my passion for pubs and bars. Working in beer was a fantastic time for me but I’ve always wanted to get into the spirits category and after taking some time out to do my masters degree I was all ears when I heard about the role at WFS.


We all love a good (responsible) drink in this company, what's your go-to drink choice?

Not going to lie here – I am from Glasgow originally so my go to is a pint of Tennent’s. I do love a Red Snapper at brunch, a dry and dirty martini, and a good classic Negroni. I’m looking forward to using Darnley’s Navy Strength to make each of them. I like to drink whisky neat but looking forward to mixing things up a bit and sampling some of the highball serves that are so popular at the moment.

Out of all the Kingsbarns single malt's you've tried so far, which is your favourite?

I am a whisky novice but looking forward to developing my tastes as the months and years go by. Dream to Dram is delicious but I have been leaning towards Balcomie lately. It’s a bit more to my palate’s liking – I guess I must get the sherry coming through and I love that. Can’t wait to try the forthcoming single casks though.




What are you most excited about now that you work at Wemyss Family Spirits?

It’s such a great team within the company and I am very excited to start working with everyone. I’m also very excited about getting to know our customers and consumers and learning how I can drive the brands forward so more people get the opportunity to try these amazing liquids. Finally, and everyone can help me here, is trying more whisky and having some great category conversations over a dram. Slàinte mhath!

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